The exact times can be found on our website: >Applying / Registration / Services> Application / Registration! As the course commitment takes 14 weeks it is advisable to plan at least 15 weeks residence in China.


Summer term
Winter term
Term starts 1st Sunday in March (arrival at the latest 2 days previously) 1st Sunday in September (arrival at the latest 2 days previously)
Term ends
2nd Week in July 2nd Week in December
Check-in deadline 15th December 15th Juni

On the 1st Sunday / term beginning, there will be a highly official welcome banquet, where faculty members will be attending.

Minimum: 15 participants. If there are more than 40, they will be split into groups, with maximum 40 students in each group.

Pre / Post tours China

There is the possibility to extend your stay in China or other Southeast Asian countries, to have time to explore the region. Fundamentally, it is possible to travel through China all year round, however it needs to be considered that the climate varies a lot. In winter it is very cold in the north (Hotels are often not heated), the summer in the south is very hot and has a tropical climate (not all accommodations are air conditioned). For your travels it is best to extend the summer term (term ends around June) and in the winter term to arrive earlier to accommodate for your travels.