Ocean University of China (OUC)

The Ocean University of China in Qingdao is a state university and was founded in 1924. Since 1960 it has become part of the 3% elite universities of the country and is controlled by the central government in Beijing. In the Peoples Republic of China there are 2000 universities, 10 of which are private.

The OUC is structured like any other modern university, with over 1800 lectures in 23 faculties and institutes. Currently there are 27000 matriculated students. The admittance is managed in a central selection procedure in Beijing. Only around 20% of applications are admitted.


Geographically the OUC is spread over three campuses. The historical “old” campus Yushan is situated in the town centre, the Fushan campus is in the new town of Maidoo and the Laoshan campus is just outside town (construction is still underway). On the campus live the many thousands of students as the university site measures 200 hectares. The IBSN study program is held on the old Yushan campus. This site is especially beautiful due to its old architecture, which was widely influenced by the Germans but also for its parks and its stadia. There are many hotels (also for international students), a restaurant, many small shops and snack bars which provide a comfortable atmosphere.

International Education Centre

The IBSN study program is since 1996 supervised by the International Education Centre (IEC). Here are around 1200 international students which study at different institutes coming from 30 different countries. The IEC offers Master degrees, Ph. D. and Diploma courses.

In its important role as a key Chinese university it takes part in scientist exchanges with over 120 universities worldwide. The university works very closely together with the University of Cambridge (U.K.) and the University of Western Australia.