Everyone that is registered at a university in their country of residence can take part.


Business studies, economics, business management, engineering sciences, journalism and all other faculties with a reference to economics in the foundation course.

  • Semester: Completion of the foundation courses
  • English skills
  • Approach: Motivation and activities that refer to the course, social skills, tolerance, especially the ability to embrace different cultures
  • Respecting the laws of the country, as well as compliance with the guidelines of the university


Application / registration / approval procedure – the procedure is entirely via the internet executable. Look at Application / Registration / Workflow.

Financing the study fees and further costs

(Possibly via a scholarship or an external student loan). See Living quality and places to stay / Costs / Currency.


See Preparations for the stay in a foreign country / Visa / Arrival / Checklist.


To support your decision a small hint: Anyone who is thinking of an extra qualification in an emerging country, should stay in that culture for at least one term. It does not matter if the chosen country is China, India (in preparation for 2008), Argentina (in preparation for 2008), Brazil (in preparation for 2008), Russia (in preparation for 2008) or Indonesia. The important thing is: go for it!