1. Investment in China
  2. Business Management in China
  3. Marketing Management in China
  4. Case Studies
  5. Chinese Culture and Business Behaviour
  6. Basics of Mandarin Chinese
  7. Taiji or Wu Shu (Theory and Practice)
  8. Excursions

Guest lecturers

Guest lecturers from different areas (trade, service, management) round of this “stadium generale”. Study content can be found in the download package under: Infopool/Downloads.

Lecturing days are: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. They start at 8:00 hrs and end at around 15:00 hrs. On Wednesdays there are subject drawn excursions. On Fridays are the operation meetings (Empowerment).

Language of education

The lecturing language is English. Please bear in mind that the lecturers are Chinese and although most have studied in Australia, the spoken English will take a little getting used to. It will take some time before you have adjusted.

At the beginning of term there will be a language test (Attendance), from which you can see how good your English is. There is the possibility to take part in advanced English courses for a fee.

Lectures Plan

The timetable will be distributed at the welcome ceremony