All students should work in project groups, with the intention of maintaining an optimised structure. This structuring serves the self organisation and to increase the standard of satisfaction throughout the course and residence. Beyond this it is aiming at improving the social skills and decision making capabilities.

Empowerment with the self-concept:

  1. joint knowledge as an information basis
  2. creative thinking
  3. compassion as emotional participation
  4. collaboration on the decision making and handling level
  5. joint responsibility as a personal commitment

Your active cooperation in one of the following teams is expected:

Team 1 Coordination
Team 2 Cashier & Traffic
Team 3 Guest Lectures
Team 4 Excursion Marketing
Team 5 Excursion Culture
Team 6 Sport
Team 7 Charity
Team 8 Creativity + Public Relations
Team 9 Evaluation + Quality
Team 10 Communications, Documentation

The result of your residence is fundamentally dependent of how well you work and how well your team works. On a weekly basis there is an operation meeting for team speakers. This is aimed at creating transparency over all activities. Apart from this there is also a weekly achievement protocol that needs to be submitted and a final report with the updated work folder to be submitted at the end of term. Job Description of the teams under Info-Pool/Downloads.