Program duration

The course embraces one complete semester. The semester contains 12 lectures for each subject.
The following timetable shows that a minimum duration of 14 weeks are necessary to completion.

  • 6 weeks lectures / seminars / excursions
  • 2 weeks break for individual work experience / applied geography / language etc.
  • 6 weeks lectures / seminars / excursions
  • In the last week there are examinations.

On 4 days of the week there are lectures. A half day, in some exceptions 1 day for curriculum relevant excursions, which are part of the course.

The a total of 250 lecture hours scheduled

The workload averages to a total of around 800 hours

Total maximum of ECTS 30

A Compulsory attendance of 75% is expected.


At the end of term there will be a written examination in each subject (100 minutes). Allowance to write the exam is only obtained with a physical attendance of minimum 65%. Look at Target group / Requirements / Acknowledgement. The results will be certified and declared by international guidelines

Dress code

At the University of China is seen upon to maintain a standard of dress I. e. No shorts, no slippers, no mini-skirts.

This means:

  1. no low cut blouses (no thin straps)
  2. long trousers or skirt (no mini) – not “navel-free”
  3. Gents: closed shoes (no slippers or flip-flops) sneakers are okay
  4. Gents: on official occasions (e.g. Welcome / Final ceremony), jacket, white shirt and tie
  5. Ladies: Pumps or slippers
  6. Fundamentally: name plate / sticker