How did it come to this study course?

In the 1990’s the DMV (Deutcher Marketing-Verband) invited 80 managers and professors to a conference. The agenda was to discuss how the course structure for students could be optimised to meet the changed requirements, in order to give the manager of tomorrow the best specifications.
These are:

  1. a relatively short graduation time
  2. relatively good notes (soft skills such as interpersonal skills and emotional intellect are now more important)
  3. language skills (multilingual)
  4. foreign country experience

Parallel to this the AFM had also picked up on this subject, discussed the necessity and problems accompanying the residence in a foreign country. The background thought of the BDI was not to forget the markets of tomorrow, to accompany this idea it occurred to install the possibility of studying in a foreign developing country. This encounter should also solve the problem of students lacking career qualifications in reference to these countries, especially through a lack or missing intercultural expertise.

As a solution to the new requirements on our graduate students by the industry, we intend to sensibilise the students for other cultures and markets. A “studium generale” was conceived to accommodate these new demands. Already in 1997, the first 15 students flew to China and in 1999, 22 students to Indonesia. Up to 2006 around 2000 students from 130 different universities (Uni 55% / Fh 45%) have taken part in this program since. These learning opportunities are the largest in the Federal Republic of Germany. The program has been on a number of occasions on TV, radio and in newspapers.

The founders of this program are: Prof. Dr. Egon Heil from the University Rodenheim, Prof. Dr. Stephan Passon from the University of Applied Science Dortmund. Prof. Dr. Passon is currently coordinating the courses.