Target group / Requirements

The Course is mainly directed at the economics students from all Universities, in particular the business management courses. Ideally you are currently in the main study period and are focusing on e.g. marketing, foreign trade etc.

This overseas study is also suited for political economics and other faculties such as industrial engineering.
This program is also recommended for graduate students from all faculties, as it gives a unique opportunity and extra qualification that can be used as a “stepping stone” before entering the workplace. The lectures are held in English, therefore good English skills are required.


You can achieve international standard credit points for this semester. A total of 30 ECTS points for each semester. Requirements for this are as follows:

  1. attendance of at least 75% and
  2. Passing the end of term examinations.

The participation will be credited and all results from each subject will be declared as a grade (international scale) and percentage in your certificate.

At some German Universities an external semester is already integrated into the course timetable. As since 1997 all courses at the OUC – Ocean University of China have been approved without restrictions by all Universities.

Each student should ask their university if the performance certificates achieved in Indonesia are accepted. We advise to check with the subject tutor / examination authority if recognition or compensation for prior course requirements need to be met (e.g. Seminars, obligation lectures, examination requirements). This is important as in Germany there is no federal structure that provides a universal standard. Our experience has shown that commonly 2-3 certificates are accepted.


To the course contents and the equivalence of the university there is further information in the Info pool downloads and a number of useful links. Fundamentally we advice using the Basic-text package.