University and Campus

The Udayana University in Denpasar is a state university and was founded in 1962. It belongs to the top 20 renowned universities of Indonesia.

The old campus is situated in the east of Denpasar (about 11 km from Kuta Beach). The new campus Jimbaran is situated in the south of Bali at the peninsula Nusa Dua and is about 250 hectare.

At the Udayana University, over 1.600 professors teach at 9 faculties: law, medicine, economics including business management, agricultural economics, literary sciences, engineering and mathematics. Beyond that, there are programmes in art, ethnology and tourism.


Faculty of Economics

This faculty was founded in 1967 and spreads over both locations. The lectures of the IBSN are held at the new campus in Jimbaran.

The Faculty of Economics offers two main studies: management and economics. In the field of management, there are specializations in marketing, production, human resources and finance.

The Udayana University accepts only 10 % of its applicants. At the end of their studies, they get the “Sarjana Diploma S1/S2”.  For this, you need at least 144 ECTS from 48 subjects. Sarjana 2 equals the German diploma. Just 12 (of 412) universities are certified for this grade.

Since 1998, the Udayana University offers an MbA Programme as well.

At the moment, about 2.400 students are enrolled at the Faculty of Economics.

Attention: The Udayana University is listed at the ZAB and meets the DAAD standards.