This programme includes project work to optimize the studies and to train social competencies and decision making.

  1. Joint knowledge
  2. Joint thinking
  3. Joint feeling
  4. Joint acting
  5. Joint responsibility

Your active participation in one of the following teams is expected:



Team 1 Coordination
Team 2 Cashier & Traffic
Team 3 Guest Lectures
Team 4 Excursion Marketing
Team 5 Excursion Culture
Team 6 Sport
Team 7 Charity
Team 8 Creativity + Public Relations
Team 9 Evaluation + Quality
Team 10 Communications, Documentation

The Empowerment-Teams are arranged and announced about one moth before the studies start. The arrangement takes your preferences which you can chose during the application into consideration. During the first week of the studies, a team leader is elected.

The success of your stay abroad depends on how effectively you/your team work. There are weekly Operation Meetings for the team leaders. They should provide transparency about all activities and a mutual constructive influence. Additionally, you will write a weekly report and a final report at the end of the semester.

For the job descriptions of the teams, please see our Infopool.