The studies comprise one semester. This semester consists of 12 courses per lesson plan. The duration is a total of 15 weeks which follows this timeline:

  • 6 weeks of courses/seminars/excursions
  • 2 weeks of break for individual internships/language/etc.
  • 6 weeks of courses/seminars/excursions
  • 1 week of exams

3 days a week, there are courses and seminars. The fourth day is for course-related excursions. These are constant parts of the programme.

  • total of course hours: 228
  • workload: 908 hours
  • total of Credit Points: 30
  • compulsory attendance of at least 75 %



At the end of the studies, there is one written exam for each course (100 min). The results are certified set out by international standards.


Dress code

The Indonesian universities emphasize correct dress code. This means: no shorts, not denim-jeans, no slippers, no t-shirts, no mini-skirts:

  • shirt with collar
  • no low-necked blouses
  • long trousers or skirts
  • wear a name plate/sticker