History of this programme

In the 90s, over 80 managers and professors followed the invitation of the German Marketing Association and held a meeting in Düsseldorf. Their aim was to optimize the education of students to meet the new job specifications of the manager of tomorrow. These are:

  • quick studies
  • good grades
  • soft skills
  • foreign language skills
  • studies abroad


Parallel to that, the Working Association of Marketing Professors took on this topic and discussed about the necessity on the one hand and about the problems on the other. The BDI – Bund Deutscher Industrie – demanded not to forget the markets of tomorrow and thus, the idea of creating studies in emerging markets developed. This idea should also be a solution for the insufficient professional qualification of the students in reference to these countries which presents itself especially through lacking or insufficient intercultural competencies.


As an answer to the requirements of the industry to the alumni in reference to the internationality of studies and the sensitivity for other cultures and markets, a “studium generale” was conceived.

Already in 1997, the first 15 students flew to China and in 1999 the first 22 to Indonesia. By now, a great number of students from different universities from all over Germany has participated in this programme. TV and radio stations as well as the press have reported about this initiative.


The founders of this offensive were Prof. Dr. Egon Heil (University Rosenheim) and Prof. Dr. Stephan Passon (University Dortmund), who now co-ordinates both IBSN studies (Indonesia and China).