Target group

This programme targets every student of economic sciences at any university. Ideally, you are in your main study period and have decided on a major (e.g. marketing, foreign trade etc.)

It is also suitable for students of other faculties which are related to economic sciences and to alumni as well.


Admission requirements

  • Field of studies: current or completed study of economic sciences at any international, accredited university
  • Sufficient English skills. You should be able to follow a course held in English, write several case studies and hold presentations

More information about this topic is provided at the page “Admission requirements”.



For the course achievements during the semester, a total of 30 Credit Points can be acquired.

Requirements for this are:

  • attendance of min. 75 %
  • written tests at the end of the semester

The participation and marks of every subject will be certified (international scale).

At several universities, an integrated semester abroad is intended.

Since 1999, this programme at the Udayana University is accepted by every university without restriction.

Each student should inquire information of his/her home university whether the acquired course achievements in Indonesia are accepted, e.g. in form of a learning agreement.

Important: Just your home university is responsible for the acceptance, not IBSN.

From the summer semester 2013 on, the certificates (5 pages) will be sent from the Udayana Unversity to the students via email. Any changes/disagreements have to be cleared directly with the Udayana University. If you would like to have an original/print of the certificates (although it is not contemporary) you will have to tell Udayana University before the end of the semester. You will have to submit an addressed envelop and IDR 350.000 (about Euro 23). The certificates will then be sent to you via air mail. After the semester, it will not be possible to receive the original certificates via post.

Hint: In our Infopool you can find several files to download as well as a number of links! Basically we recommend the complete text package.